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If you can't audition like a pro, you can't work like one. I'm an expert who loves showing you how to 'book'.

Audition Skills

If you can't audition like a pro, you can't work like one. I'm an expert who loves showing you how to 'book'.

Set Skills

What's your number 1 responsibility? What are the 4 big mistakes? How do you hit your marks, and work with Johnny Depp?


I'll show you what you're really selling as an actor (it's not your acting).

What can I teach you?

The Trade Secrets, the 90% of the Business (I can’t teach you talent!) that separates the winners from the wannabes.

I share tails from the trenches, step-by-step instructions, inside information, interviews, examples, exercises, and diabolically potent audition and set techniques in his renowned Audition workshops around the world.

How you become your best self as an actor?

In all my social media posts, youtube videos and blog articles, I focus on the movie business. What is changing, how does it work behind the scenes and what do you need to know to be successful in the industry.

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Peter is a produced writer with an MA in screenwriting from Cal State Northridge who also helps other writers with story editing and script doctoring.

Peter also uses the screen test to bridge the gap between who you think you are and who others believe you are, to reveal how your look and your feel determine your personal brand, and to let you see it for yourself.

A step-by-step method to apply the Hero’s Journey to your own life so you know what kind of movie you’re in. How does your life go out of balance, who is your antagonist, who is your mentor, what it is all trying to tell you, and what you may need to give up in order to win and be the hero of your own life.


“I just read Peter Skagen’s book Screen Acting Trade Secrets — it is right on the money!!   Bravo!”

Jane Jenkins

Casting Director (Princess Bride, Da Vinci Code, Jurassic Park)

“A terrific book and a must-read for actors. This is one of the most informative and
entertaining books I’ve read, period. I love it!”

Paul Weber

producer, former head of casting at MGM Television

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