The new audition paradigm– Great news for actors, or is it?

We don’t know much for sure at this moment, but we can confidently speculate that this is the best time in the last 100 years to get into film and TV acting.

Why?  Covid-19.  It shut down not only auditions, but the whole production industry.  Nothing is shooting in the world.  And when things start shooting again, everything will be different, which means: opportunity.  

Industry leaders are in talks right now (May 2020) to plan a new way of shooting.  And it looks like everything has to change.  As a small example: props.  How do we manage props, the things actors handle all day long?  How do we ensure everyone’s safety during 14-hour shooting days using props that are typically handed back and forth by many hands all day long?  How do we protect actors who simply cannot get sick without crashing the show, and potentially dying, from handing over a business card in a TV show?

How do we do makeup and hair in the new system?  Wardrobe?  ‘Kissing’ scenes?  Fight scenes?  How do we prevent infection with 50 sweaty people working on top of each other in a confined studio space for 14 hours?  

And how do we do auditions?

Here’s the answer to that last question as far as we know now:  We don’t.   Not, at least, the way we used to do them.  Word is that ALL auditions in the foreseeable future will be online: on Zoom, or Skype, or VeeSee, or by the actors submitting tapes.  No more going into the ‘room’.  Therefore, no more having to master your handling of the ‘room’.  No more meeting face to face.  No more associated nervous breakdowns.  No more need to move to LA. 

AND…. No more need to even live in North America for US productions.  Actors will either be flown in to the location, or… and this is very big news… do their scenes from wherever they are in the world on green-screen sets or on the new ‘holo-deck’ sets.  Yes, folks, some studios are now equipped with wrap-around, 3-D, computer generated backgrounds.  You could just go to the closest one, have them download the proper backgrounds from the producer, and do your scenes.  Amazing.

In terms of auditions: Instead of going into the ‘room’, we can look forward to auditioning from our kitchens, without nervous strokes, from anywhere in the world, without having to work the ‘room’, and with essentially an even playing field for all other actors everywhere.  

As they say, the best time to invest is when there’s blood in the streets.  Many of the old impediments are gone, there’s a massive shakeup, which means massive potential opportunities especially for actors outside the main production cities.  

What do you need to do to capitalize?  Get ready.  Brush up your skills, your promo package, make a plan with your agent, and learn how to do the new online auditions.

That’s where I come in.  There will be a new protocol emerging.  You may need new skills.  You may need a dedicated audition space.  Because they can’t meet you in person, they may make the whole thing harder in various ways.  You’ll want to be ahead of the curve.   

I’m keeping on top of all of this, and will be offering Zoom classes to give you the advantage.