Thank you for a great Zoom on the new audition paradigm!

Hey guys, that was a terrific zoom chat last Sunday with LA casting director Paul Weber and our very own amazing Rhonda Fisekci.  I learned a ton, and I hope you did too.

My main takeaways: 

  1. Zoom auditions (and self-tapes) are probably a reality for a year
  2. Your main eye-line is into the lens for zoom auditions
  3. You still need to create the environment, just in miniature
  4. Get off book, and play the punctuation so they know if the material works
  5. And always ‘save the scene’
  6. Lock the dog in the garage, etc. 
  7. It’s best if you can create a small audition set-up in your place (or with your gang)
  8. The set-up is medium blue or grey backdrop, soft light source, good sound, and tripod or desk for your phone or computer
  9. Your computer might be best so you can see everybody better
  10. Do some beta testing so you look good and feel comfortable
  11. Use the same set-up for self-tapes
  12. Check out – they are creating a service that will submit your tapes for you, and should make life easier.  
  13. Backgrounders are going to be used much less, so it’s time to upgrade to principal actor
  14. Shows hopefully coming in July are: Wynonna and Heartland, with Jann to follow

In the next blog I’ll give you links to the gear you need.

More interviews are coming.  Who do you want to talk to—casting, directors, producers, crew, TV stars?  

Let me know.