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Peter Skagen

I’m a working film and television actor with over 50 credits, author of the award-winning book Screen Acting Trade Secrets, the actor’s guide for the 21st century.

I have taught sold-out classes from NYC to to Vancouver for over 20 years.  I help non-actors become the hero of their own lives by understanding the Hero’s Journey, and I help business leaders define their personal brand using the screen test. 

I hold an MA in screenwriting from Cal State Northridge in Los Angeles, and studied with the top names in Hollywood. 


“Peter!  That class!  Brilliant, fun, abundant!  I want to be a laser beam!  So glad to
have had that experience.”  

Ave Jane Markus


“If you want to work in the movies as an actor, get a copy of this book right now!”

Professor Ann Holt

Carnegie Mellon University

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